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Making ‘Understanding Your Business Our Business’ is at the heart of what we do. Unlike the traditional view of accountant-client relationship which usually consisted of meeting once a year and being considered as a cost necessary to keep HMRC at bay, we at Valentis believe that we can offer individuals and businesses alike much more!


As times have changed so has the way businesses operate, more and more businesses understand the need for up to date, relevant, and easy to understand data that are crucial in order to make informed decisions about their business. The need to know where your business is, where it plans to be and what traction they are currently on to get there is crucial, with our wealth of experience we will help you get there, whether it is a start-up or a business expanding beyond its control.   

The 4 B’s of the Valentis Way of understanding your business


Brainstorm - Understand your business

When discovering your path it is important that your goals and objectives are formulated so that they are SMART………….


Specific - if your goal is not clear, it will not be achieved, therefore bigger goals and be broken down to more small specific and understandable goals.

Measurable - If the success of your goals cannot be measured your business will never steer in the direction you want it to go,

Attainable - set goals so that they are achievable now based on the resource and capability’s you have now. Goals will evolve as the business grows, however, there’s nothing worse than trying to aim for something that seems unattainable now, especially where your trying to motivate a team and yourself.  

Relevant - We all want to achieve different things in life and from our business, however, make sure your business goals are relevant to the where you want the business to go and not just for the short term.

Time-Based - All gaols should be time-based, if not you face the possibility of never moving forward and business being stagnant.


Business Software and Systems

All the above seems great, but how does one execute it and make it happen!.


Let’s be fair more often than not it’s the fear that it will be time-consuming to do this and where does one start, so the easy option is put it to one side.


Well, this is where we come in, we will implement systems and controls so that you can automate the process of collecting data. This is not only restricted financial data, but we have also help in organising and collecting non-financial statistics like % of occupancy, conversion of customers, and much more


To achieve this we an array software;






Bespoke Reporting

No business is the same! and as such the information required that is actually useful to that business is not the same as everyone's. We will provide reports tailored to your business ensuring you get information that is key to you and your business, we specialise in providing the following.  

  • Management reports

  • Regular profit and loss & balance sheet reports

  • Cashflow reports

  • Performance reports


Business Coaching

We have been helping businesses for over a decade, we consider our services as an extension of their business and a contributing factor to their success. We are able to act not as only your accountant but also as your accounts department and financial director if need to,

  • Financial Director services

  • Outsource account department


There is no doubt your business will face obstacles who doesn’t! however, our attitude is that we will help where possible to navigate and overcome difficult times after all the success of your business is also the success of our business.

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