Tradesman and Architect at Construction

What People Say 

 "Our business attitude with has led to our success”


Project Infinity LTD - Building Contractors


A construction project management company that works on several projects in a year. Some with a project value of over half a million.



Company Profile

  • Started in 2015


  • Completed 6 projects so far


  • Annual Turnover of £1.1M+


  • Growth from 1 staff to 20 staff (including sub-contractors)


Our Part


  • Successfully gained gross status


  • Identified VAT position of newly built dwellings


  • Management Accounts with Profit or Loss for each project


  • Annual Accounts


  • Tax Compliance (Business, Personal and VAT)


  • Monthly CIS Returns


A Growing Business


Shahzad was just your regular manager in an estate agency, when he decided to take his experience and skills further, by starting his own project management company. Shahzad wanted to project manage the building of new properties, with quality and within budget.

He business has grown incredibly with in a year. When asked about the growth and success of his company, he commented:


“The current property market has led more and more people to become investors. There’s such a great demand for newly built, affordable properties. That’s where I come in. I ensure that projects are completed to exceptional quality, within time and budget. Our business attitude with has led to our success”


Our Part


We’ve been with Shahzad from the very start. Guiding him through and making him understand his responsibilities as both a contractor and subcontractor.

Here’s some of the key points from our professional relationship:


  • Successfully gained the gross status for CIS purposes.

  • Conducting a review of the taxable supplies made by the business to ensure it was zero rated in accordance with VAT Notice: 708.

  • Successfully guided the client through a VAT Checks by HMRC.

  • Established procedures to ensure CIS Returns were prepared accurately and submitted on time

  • Ongoing review of subcontractors to ensure that they are subcontractors and not employees.

  • Management Accounts that tracked the profitability of each project.