Franchises are becoming a more and more popular choice as a business option amongst those wanting to get into business and work for themselves. The thought of going it alone can be a daunting process and having the right team behind you is paramount to the success.


At Valentis we are industry specialists and have helped both franchisee and franchisors through the process from start to finish. 


Franchisor - Many businesses choose the option of expansion through franchising their business, this is a great method and can reap significant rewards if executed successfully. We often hear about the success stories of franchisors, but little do we understand of the journey they went through, and the hurdles needed to be overcome. There are many reasons why success is not always what it seems, from franchisors franchising too quickly with the lack of planning or insufficient vetting for potential franchisees which in turn damage the businesses brand.


Franchisee - It franchisors often present their business in the best light to make it appealing to potential franchisees. We believe it is important that franchises approach potential franchisors with the same caution as normal business. It is that due diligence and care that will ensure that the franchise they have chosen is actually the best fit for them. At Valentis we ensure that our advice is always impartial whatever the consequence, we will make sense of the numbers and make sure that you understand what it will take to make your business a success.


Once you have commenced your franchise we will, of course, talk of the numbers from bookkeeping, accounts, VAT Payroll etc but in addition we believe it is important to implement reporting systems so you are always aware where you are in your business

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