What People Say 

Valentis have been with from the start and have helped us grow from strength to strength” 

—  Mohammed Ruben, Director


Digitalis Group Ltd - EE Franchise


Digitalis Ltd is an EE Franchise, that currently operates three stores around England, with a turnover of £5.5M.


Our story:

We began working with Digitalis Ltd before the procurement of their very first store. To become a franchisee of the telecommunication giant, EE, there’s an application process and a presentation that needs to be made to a panel of judges. In addition to this, the directors of the business had Companies House and HMRC on their minds.

How We Helped:

The presentation required cashflow to be produced, focusing on how the applicant would improve the performance of a particular store. We were able to study the template that was provided and work with the directors to execute the presentation successfully:

  • Accounting System:

     We analysed the business and thought about its aspirations before choosing and implementing its accounting system. Some of their business targets included growing to several branches, being profitable, and being compliant.

    We chose Xero, because of its flexibility and its many features that contribute to our added value services, such as Management Reports for each branch.

  • External Reports:

     We take care of all their compliance matters with both Companies House and HMRC.

    The is includes the preparation of their Accounts under FRS 102 Section1A, Corporation Tax, VAT, and PAYE compliance. We also guided them through their auto-enrolment duties and helped them with their HR system.

  • Internal Reports:

     We are currently working with the client to develop an internal reporting function for the business. This system will provide statistics such as the Daily GP, Sales Staff Ranking, CHURN (Clawbacks), and overall cash position.



Below are some of the highlights we achieved:

  • Decreased loss by 50%

  • Lowered the risk of back-order by 95%

  • Increased stock for finished goods by 10%

Client testimonial:

"Valentis have been with from the start and have helped us grow from strength to strength"

Mohammed Ruben, Director