Business Start-Ups

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Business Start-Ups

‘Turning your vision into reality’




Starting on your own business is always a daunting prospect, at Valentis our aim is to take as much of the burden away from you as possible so you can turn your vision into a reality. It is our firm belief that by helping a business at its very first stage is the key of maintaining and long and fruitful professional relationship.

Unlike most firms we are happy be with all the way from the very beginning, and in our the experience that we have gained from our diverse portfolio we always brings a fresh and valuable perspective to the table,


So How Can Valentis Actually Help?


The Idea


You have the idea!



Take an objective view of your idea and get the opinion of as many people as you can.


Here we can provide you with the pro and cons of your idea, and perhaps some obstacles you are likely to face



Analyse the market you want to enter and figure out your revenue stream, the more you know about your business the better.  


The best we find this is to get out and start talking to potential customers!


Every business is a solution to a problem, so make sure your solution is what the customers wants!

Plan & Strategise


Where to start is the difficult part so we recommend that you dissect the business in small chunks and think of the best way to achieve each task.


A small step towards an impossible task is always the beginning of all great business journeys,


Once this been having you can produce plan of action,

Business Plan


We always recommend that you do a business plan.


Many people do this only for external purposes i.e. investors, bank but approach it for your use, this will in our experience produces a more realistic and achievable business plan which we have found is more useful.


This will put help put your business into an actual formal structure.


A business plan will also identify the key components you need





This is the hardest part, getting started,


To kick start consider delegation is always important to make things progress faster.


Collaboration – we have found that to collaborate with others can be a great benefit is seeing your idea come to life, in the past we have brought together our clients



Tracking your progress is key to the success of your business


We can help by figuring metrics that really matter to the business; we also have some pretty innovated ways this is presented.



Meet, discuss, and evaluate your performance.


Nothing is without hurdles, so recognise them and get over it.


Again, here we can help, by providing you with an interim management report.

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